Thursday, 9 February 2012

How To Improve Memory

A lot of us have trouble remembering just what we did this morning. Here are some easy steps to making your ability to trudge up the past that much easier.

1. Keep a journal.
Maybe women have better recall because they kept Dear Diaries when they were younger. The thing is, the more you remember, the better you get at it. So people, write a few lines, a paragraph - just anything - every night detailing some of the things that happened to you that day. It's tricky at first (you may sit there scratching your head wondering "what on earth did I do today?") but after just a couple days you'll be recalling the stuff you did in no time. Try making a habit of it. Manly men - you do it too! Great adventurers and scientists kept journals outlining their day-to-day activities in the past as well.

2. Memorise.
Huh? Well you see, the more you memorise, the better you get at it. Brains don't overload like computers. In fact, the more you use your brain, the better functioning it gets. So memorise things - if you're of the religious type, memorize your holy books or scripts. If not then memorise a play, or some famous quotes, or addresses, phone numbers, or even the whole damned dictionary. You never know when these come in handy, and when you can sprout out some intelligent flowery stuff in the middle of a conversation, you know your friends are actually secretly impressed.

3. Scan over.
And by that I mean look through what you need to know a few times. This is more for the people who need to learn something - say for a test or a job - and there's info in need to be stored in your massive brain. Don't pour over it just before the test - that'll muddle the information and you'll do quite poorly. Instead, just look over the info one or twice a day and sleep on it. Do that for a few days and your brain will have had the necessary time to make it all sink in.

So there's three ways for you to try to get your brains working! I personally do the keep a journal one. How about you? Is there a secret personal way you keep your brain healthy and remember things that others find so hard to recall?

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