Thursday, 9 February 2012

How To Drink a Bottle of Water

Concerning only the above pictured types of bottles.

1. Open the lid. This usually involves turning said lid counter-clockwise (lefty loosy!)
2. Bring bottle carefully to mouth. Try not to do it too quickly, in danger of spillage.
3. You can drink 2 ways:
     a. bring your upper lip to the half way point of the circle opening, and place your lower lip on the outer ridge of said opening and sip/swallow. This allows air to pass through the bottle and so the sides won't get suctioned and you don't have to pause that much. Problem: it may spill over on to your face if you're not careful enough.
     b. place both lips on the outer ridges (no face spillage!) but leave a tiny gap between your top lip and the outside of the water hole for air passage. The water will come out somewhat violently with many bubbles, but this is normal. This technique is especially useful for the very-thirsty, must-gulp-drink-very-quickly-now types.
4. After the whole swallowing business, you may replace the bottle cap on top of the bottle and close it by turning it clockwise (righty tighty!)
5. If however, your fire hadn't been put out, forget step 4 for now and do steps 2-3 again, with breathing pauses in between sips.

Hope this helped!

Hydration and H20 are very serious matters. People die from thirst quicker than they do from hunger. Even if the only water at hand is warm and not very appealing, drink it! It may save your life.


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