Monday, 10 December 2012

Mars, the Red Sea, HIV, Cancer, and Imagination and the Human Mind

So, what's happened? Living organisms have been found on Mars? So what? That's already been known! People already knew that! Water had already been found on Mars, too! The government of the world has been hiding these secrets. The world is behind on intelligence by about 3.4 years. That's been calculated.

Australia's also gotten a red sea. So is that how it happened? Was Moses' "blood" ocean, in fact, algae turning the water red? Food for thought, salty water for thought.

HIV is being harnessed and reprogrammed to kill cancer cells instead of the cells that it usually wants to kill. Apparently it worked on a girl's leukemia. That's actually pretty smart ey. That's actually really smart. Usually HIV targets cells that are responsible for our immune system, and so a person's immune system is a wreck so every little disease that would've been cured in a jiffy just compounds in disastrous significance, leading to AIDS. Instead, the HIV is eating cancer cells. That's awesome. So awesome. Using an enemy to destroy an enemy. Humanity is so manipulative.

Which leads me to my final hypothesis: Everything that humanity imagines has a similarity, a likeness, within the human body. Within the mechanisms and functions of the human body or mind. Ex: cancer cells to zombies. Nodes of Ranvier to telephone poles. Get my drift? If we can't make anything from nothing, then where does imagination come from? Not everything that we imagine comes from nature and innovations. So what if our mind subconsciously knows how the entire body works? What if that's where we all got our imagination from? What if that's how we got computers and technology? From the subconscious knowledge within our minds...

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